Our 7 distinguished Board Members are:

  • logo_icon_boardPresident – Alvin C. Miester III, J.D.
  • logo_icon_boardVice President – Barbara Richard, M.Ed.
  • logo_icon_boardSecretary – Kris Scairono, MBA, CIA, CSA
  • logo_icon_boardBoard Member – William P. Chauvin, CPA
  • logo_icon_boardBoard Member – Helene J. Derbigny, M.Ed.
  • logo_icon_boardBoard Member – Jan Janz, Ph. D.
  • logo_icon_boardBoard Member – Cassandra Youmans, M.D.

Click on the link below to view our current schedule of board meetings. All meetings take place at 5:00 PM in the Library unless otherwise noted.

Hynes Board Election of Officers and Members
Hynes Charter School Corporation | Board Meetings | 2023-2024

The Board of Directors will open nominations for new members or officers, as needed. The opening is communicated in the school newsletter if it is for the parent position. Resumes are submitted. The board establishes a committee comprised of the Chief Executive Officer and one or two board members
to interview candidates. Candidates which fit the skill sets and needs of the board at that time are recommended for confirmation by the Board of Directors at a subsequent meeting. This cycle typically takes place every April and is completed by June. If there are no board vacancies, the board will simply elect officers.

If you suspect the misappropriation, fraud, or abuse of public funds by anyone, contact Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA) Hotline.

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