• What are the school hours?

    • 7:35 AM-3:00 PM

  • What type of charter does Hynes have?

    • Hynes was granted a Type 3 charter by Orleans Parish School Board.

  • When and how do I apply?

    • Hynes Charter School will fully participate in the Enroll NOLA (aka One App) process for NEW STUDENT admissions for the 2018-19 school year. 

      For new applicants, parents/guardians must create a username and login for the family. If you are already in the Enroll NOLA system you do not need a new account. Use the existing account to add the new child.

      The window for new applicants opens November 1st. If you are applying for a sibling, it is essential that you link your new applicant to the currently enrolled student. To do this, you will need the currently enrolled student’s One App ID number. If you need this number, please call Kim Ballance at 504-359-9106. This step will then be verified by administrative staff. Please use this link to learn more: https://enrollnola.org/

  • Does Hynes have bus service?

    • Hynes offers bus service with regional stops only.

  • How do I contact a faculty member?

    • Faculty members can be reached by email or by calling the school office and leaving a message with the administrative assistants.

  • How do I get my child tested for gifted Pre-K?

    • Hynes offers a gifted Pre-Kindergarten program to students ages 3 and 4. Students must have testing results prior to submitting the application and must have the “Gifted” classification according to the Bulletin 1508 guidelines for Pre-School.

    • Please note that Pre-K is a half-day program and after school care is not available. For further information regarding Gifted testing for a pre-school age child, please contact the Orleans Parish School Board at 504-359-8154.

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